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Faces Behind the Bottles

Miklós Stumpf
Miklós StumpfWho knows everything about grapes

"We planted our first piece of vineyards with my wife in 1978 at Király-hegy, close to the city of Sárospatak. We spent several decades working for the state-owned wine company and its legal successors and managed to develop and build our family estate in the Tokaj wine region. At the meantime, our children grew up and the estate grew to reach its current size of 16 hectares."

Julika, Mrs. Miklos Stumpf
Julika, Mrs. Miklos StumpfWho organizes and coordinates all

"While Miklos leads the works related to wine-growing, I organize and coordinate the administrative and back-office tasks. We have never thought that the children (Miklos and Brigitta) would ever want to work in the wine business. We are extremely happy to see them flourish and do what they passionately believe in."

Miklós Stumpf Jr.
Miklós Stumpf Jr.The manager and the boss

"The first milestone that determined my education track was in 1998. I told my father, who had back then already 22 years of experience in wine-growing, that agriculture and specifically wine-growing and enology would be the ideal orientation for me. His response was then 'Son, you can earn money much easier other than working on the fields'. It has been a few years since then and I managed to accumulate a few degrees, none of them in the field of agriculture. Finally, in 2011 I graduated as engineer in wine-growing and enology. I am currently the managing director of our family estate."

Brigitta Stumpf
Brigitta StumpfWho presents it nicely and sells it nicely
"After studying and working abroad for many years, I started to delve into the wine industry, especially wine and spirit knowledge in 2016. I knew already from my childhood how much physical work hides behind a bottle of wine, but what fascinated me the most was to know what and how wine-makers worldwide do differently in order to best express their passion and dedication for wine. Once completing numerous courses on wine-growing and wine and spirit knowledge, I now deal with the sales and marketing tasks related to our wines and our family estate."


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